Voi/Void, Nie/Nym, He/They if close | 20 | Trans Demiboy | Pansexual | Autistic/ADHD | Vegetarian | Naturalist Pagan/Atheist | White
Anarcho-Communist | Furry | Artist | Social Work Major

Digital art by Sergsune of their pink/purple fallow deer character Fionn in a forest.

Required Reading


Garfield looking at a sign with his face crossed out while saying "Huh. I wonder who that's for."

My Twitter is 16+ only. Anyone 15 and under, or anyone who just has "minor" in their bio and nothing else, will be muted/softblocked. Minors who try to follow my AD will be blocked.

All of the people below are blacklisted from commissioning me and from just existing near me in general. I am hard and fast with the block button. This list is long, but so are my reasons for not wanting these people on my account.

Please GTFO if you('re):

  • Generally shitty (racist, LGBTphobic, ableist, xenophobic, antisemitic, fatphobic, etc.)

  • Into gross shit (proshippers/anti-antis/pedophilia/lolicon/shotacon/MAP, incest, zoophilia, etc.)

  • Against any good-faith identities (bi/pan/mspec lesbians, achillean, recugender, etc)

  • Into NFTs or crypto

  • Transmisogynist/Transandrophobic

  • Anti-neopronouns and/or it/its pronouns

  • Think pronouns = gender

  • Exclusionist/Aphobic

  • Fujoshi/Chaser

  • Support: ContraPoints, Kalvin Garrah, Blaire White, Sh0eonhead, Vivziepop, Nicki Minaj, Sia, any of the DreamSMP (rest of MCYT is ok)

  • Use hyperfixations as an excuse to actively/financially support known problematic people

  • Anti-self-DX


  • Pro-ana/thinspo (EDtwt in general is ok)

  • Polyamphobic

  • Believe that "queer" is a slur that nobody should use

  • Anti-kin

  • ABA supporter

  • Ship real people without their consent

  • "Age up" underage characters for NSFW

  • Into feral NSFW (including feral Pokemon)

  • Into baby Pokemon NSFW

  • Babyfur/ABDL/Cubfur (non-sexual age regressors are 100% fine)

  • DDLG

  • Use slurs you can't reclaim

  • TERF/Radfem/Gender critical

  • Truscum/Transmed

  • Sysmed/Pluralphobic/Against non-traumagenic systems

  • Believe in reverse racism

  • Antitheist/Evangelical Christian/Mormon/Scientologist/White Wiccan

  • Centrist/Libertarian/Capitalist/AnCap

  • Part of the right-wing in any way (Conservative/Republican, alt-right, Qanon, Trump supporter, etc.)

  • Anti-BLM/against Blacktober

  • Pro-life

  • Cop/Bootlicker/Blue Lives Matter

  • Furry Raider

  • Art thief

  • Support PETA/Autism Speaks/Salvation Army/similar problematic orgs

Also GTFO if you use any of these slurs under ANY circumstances:

  • Retard

  • Trap

  • Shemale

  • Futanari


  • Read my DNI before following!!

  • TRIGGER TAG: Jumpscares, CSA (especially involving older children/teenagers), rape/SA, grooming, animal cruelty/death (clean bones/vulture culture/taxidermy is ok), parentification/codependency, severe secondhand embarrassment

  • My Twitter is 16+ only. Anyone 15 and under, or anyone who just has "minor" in their bio and nothing else, will be muted. Follow attempts on my main will be softblocked the 1st time and hardblocked the 2nd.

  • I identify as "queer" and use/RT the word heavily; I do not tag it. May not be good to follow if you're uncomfy with that! /nm

  • I will not tag my interests unless specifically asked to /nm

  • I use tone indicators when needed and appreciate when others use them!

  • I have bad memory and will not remember if you softblocked me or not. Any attempts to refollow aren't intentional! /gen

  • I am very RT and discourse/activism/politics heavy

  • I support any and all good faith identities

  • I tend to hyperfixate and RT a lot of the same topic; I apologize if this floods anyone's feeds!

  • I try to tag triggers whenever possible, but please let me know if I forget to tag anything!

  • Please let me know if I'm following an abuser/someone problematic! I follow so many people that it's hard to catch things; it is never on purpose!

  • I have anxiety and may not respond to replies/DMs immediately; please be patient with me!

  • Most of my social media, while not NSFW, contains adult themes and topics (PG13 at minimum). Any artistic nudity or highly NSFW content will be tagged.

  • I am in a closed relationship, please do not flirt/hit on me (even jokingly)

  • I use Twitter Blockchain, retweet blocker, and manual blocking heavily; tbh I will probably not remember what I blocked you for


By commissioning me, you agree to everything within my ToS. Failure to follow my ToS may result in being blacklisted from further commissions.

Commissions: Closed | Trades: Closed


TypeStatusSketchLineartFlat ColorFully Shaded
+Detailed BackgroundDependsoncomplexity--


Commission Types

Fully Shaded

Fully Shaded

Flat Color

Flat Color


Flat Color





I generally do not CW for any of the content below, feel free to let me know if you follow me and need something CW'd!

Video Games

  • Pokemon

  • Legend of Zelda

  • Animal Crossing

  • Undertale/Deltarune

  • Parappa the Rapper

  • Kirby

  • Mario

  • Super Smash Bros

  • Elder Scrolls

  • No Straight Roads

  • Bayonetta

  • Just Dance

  • Life is Strange (Season 1)

  • Okami

  • Dishonored

  • Friday Night Funkin'

  • Flight Rising (on hiatus)


  • Steven Universe

  • Pokemon

  • MCU

  • American Horror Story

  • What We Do In The Shadows

  • POSE

  • Bob's Burgers

  • Big Brother (US)

  • Castle Rock

  • JJBA (No Part 6+ spoilers please!)

  • Beastars


  • Glass Animals

  • Foster The People

  • Janelle Monae

  • Jack Stauber

  • Still Woozy

  • Lady Gaga

  • Studio Killers

  • Two Door Cinema Club

  • Paramore

  • Queen

  • Arctic Monkeys

  • The Strokes

  • Tyler, The Creator

  • Vampire Weekend

  • Mitski

  • Jaden

  • Willow

  • Tally Hall


  • Beastars

I'm not super into shipping but I still like these

  • Any combo of Piers/Raihan/Leon - Pok√©mon

  • Bubbline - Adventure Time

  • Pearlina - Splatoon

  • Avpol - JJBA

  • Josuyasu - JJBA (SFW only)

  • Rupphire/Garnet - SU

  • Pearlmethyst - SU

  • Bispearl - SU

  • Alphyne - Undertale

  • Flick x C.J. - ACNH

  • Bayojeanne - Bayonetta

  • Bowuigi - Mario

  • Catradora - She-Ra

Currently Watching/Playing

No spoilers for anything below please!


  • Adventure Time

  • Masked Singer (US) (Currently watching Season 3)

  • Beastars (Spoilers OK, I've read the manga past what Season 2 covers)


  • Bioshock

  • Ace Attorney Trilogy (Currently on 1)

  • Final Fantasy 7 (Original)

Planning to Watch

  • She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

  • Kill La Kill

  • Hunter X Hunter

  • One Punch Man

  • The Promised Neverland

  • Devilman Crybaby

  • The Boondocks

  • Death Note

Video Game Backlog

  • NieR: Automata (laptop is too poopy to handle it :()

  • Fallout: New Vegas

  • Night in the Woods

  • Grim Fandango Remastered

  • Life is Strange (Season 2)

  • Kindergarten

  • Hatoful Boyfriend

  • Dishonored 2

Terms of Service

This ToS applies to any and all commissions and commissioners. By commissioning me, you agree to everything within my ToS. Failure to follow my ToS rules can result in being blacklisted from further commissions. This ToS is subject to change at anytime.


Who's Allowed to Commission?

I am able to refuse any commission for any reason. Anyone who is in my DNI is blacklisted from commissioning me. If I find out that you fit DNI criteria or are otherwise problematic mid-commission, payment will be refunded in full and the commission will be stopped immediately. I may also stop a commission because of rude, harassing, or otherwise bad behavior from the commissioner.

Will draw:

  • Furries (anthro & feral)

  • Humans

  • Fictional species (ie. Pokemon)

  • Flight Rising

  • Fanart

  • Gore

  • Drugs/Alcohol

  • NSFW (see bottom of Commissions section; restrictions apply)

Won't draw:

  • Anything in DNI

  • Complex machinery

  • Anything that I am not comfortable with drawing

I will not draw original characters that do not belong to you. The only exception to this is for gifts to other people (ie. a spouse/partner); these situations must be discussed beforehand.

Ordering Commissions

Commissions are generally announced through social media, DeviantArt, and Weasyl. Unless said otherwise, when commissions are open, please fill out the Google Form or DM me with all necessary info:

  1. Commission type

  2. Payment method (Square or PayPal accepted)

  3. At least 1 visual reference (more is better!)

  4. A description of what you want in your commission

  5. Your contact information/social media

  6. Any special requests/extra info

All commissioners must have at least 1 visual reference (preferably a reference sheet) of the character they want commissioned. References that are purely text will not be accepted. It is highly recommended that your visual reference is flat color (no shading). References can be NSFW if a SFW one isn't available.

I may or may not accept commissions with deadlines, depending on the commission. Commissions with strict/short deadlines may have an extra fee.

Regardless of commission type, a WIP showing a sketch will always be shown to the commissioner. Afterwards, I will generally show a WIP at the lineart, flat color, and shading stages, depending on the commission type. The commissioner is allowed to request changes at any time until the commission is finished (major changes cannot be made after the sketch stage without an extra fee)


Prices are non-negotiable. Payment must be done up front, within 24 hours of commissioning, via Square (preferred) or PayPal. I will send an invoice on your preferred payment method to you after confirming your commission. I need full payment before I will start your commission. Unpaid commissions will be canceled after 24 hours. Holds are not available unless said otherwise. Please let me know if you need to pay in a currency other than USD! Cryptocurrency is not accepted as payment. DA Points are not accepted as payment.

Payment cannot be refunded once I have started the commission and sent the first WIP to the commissioner. The only exception to this rule is if I cannot continue the commission because of life events or personal reasons. In this case, the commission will be refunded in full as soon as possible.

Commission Posting

All commissions will be posted on my social media and art accounts, with credit to the commissioner. Please let me know if you don't want your commission to be posted, if you want posting delayed until a certain date (ie. a birthday), or if you want your commission to be anonymous.

I retain the rights to all commissions. Commissioners are allowed to freely share their commission anywhere they like, as long as credit is given to me somewhere in the post. Commissioners are not allowed to edit their commission unless I give permission beforehand. My commission watermark cannot be cropped or edited out unless you are using the commission as a profile picture. I may be able to edit past commissions (ie. change markings) for a fee (Fee depends on edit complexity)

Commissions belong to the commissioner ONLY. Unless the commission is a gift to someone else, the character attached to the commission is sold or given away, or something else is agreed upon beforehand, no one besides the commissioner is allowed to have/use the commission. Art thieves will not be tolerated.



If you are under 18, none of my NSFW content is for you. Minors who attempt to interact with 18+ content will be met with a block on all accounts.

People who I know IRL are also not allowed unless given prior permission. Please respect my privacy.

NSFW Commissions

Please read my SFW ToS in full before reading this one. Anyone who commissions me is expected to read the ToS.

All NSFW commissions are for 18+ ADULTS ONLY. All NSFW commissioners must provide at least 1 form of photo ID before commissioning. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS.

Payment for NSFW commissions will only be accepted through Square due to PayPal's strict anti-NSFW policy.

NSFW commissions will be offered like normal commissions by social media post. They are not open otherwise unless said so.

Finished NSFW commissions will be posted (censored) on my main art accounts, and posted uncensored on my NSFW accounts by default. Please let me know if you don't want your NSFW commission posted in this way! Please also let me know what account to tag when posting your commission (if you want it tagged at all)

I will not do NSFW art, even if it is meant as a gift, of characters you do not own unless I have proven explicit consent from the character owner. No exceptions.

While I may do fetish commissions, I will only do fetishes that I feel comfortable with drawing. Please respect whether I decide to do your fetish commission or not. This will be on a case by case basis. Fetishes I agree to drawing don't necessarily match up with mine.

If I catch you tagging any NSFW commissions I do for you with slurs, you will be immediately blacklisted from any further commissions. Buying an NSFW commission doesn't mean that you can flirt with, proposition, or otherwise try to interact with me in a romantic or sexual way. Anyone who tries this will be blacklisted.

I will NOT draw:

  • Anything on my DNI

  • Real life people (without their consent)

  • Underage characters

  • Noncon/dubcon

  • Scat/Watersports

  • Necrophilia

  • Abuse

  • Age regression

  • Cheating/Cuckolding

  • Fat fetish

  • Pregnancy/Birthing

  • Diapers

  • Inflation

  • MLP

  • Large age gaps

  • Fetishistic depictions of LGBTQ+ characters/people

  • Fetishistic/racist depictions of PoC


This is just a fun little list detailing any LGBT identities or labels that could apply to me! I generally describe myself as a pansexual trans demiboy when asked. Please refer to your local LGBT wiki for descriptions. Check my for pronouns!


  • Pansexual

  • Panromantic

  • Allosexual

  • Achillean/MLM

  • Diamoric

  • Enbian/NBLNB

  • Toric/NBLM

  • Trixic/NBLW

  • Lavenian


  • Queer

  • Transgender

  • Demiboy

  • Nonbinary

  • Genderqueer

  • Boyflux

  • Neoboy

  • Demifluid

  • Transmasculine

  • Transman

  • Forestgender

  • Floragender

  • Daydreamgender

Non-LGBT identities/conditions that may be important to know:

  • White

  • Neurodivergent

  • Autistic

  • Inattentive ADHD

  • CPTSD (self-DX)

  • Severe RSD (rejection sensitive dysphoria)

  • CSA survivor

  • Singlet